Home Nursing Care and Home Nursing Services

Where Home Nursing Care, caregiving services in Gauteng South Africa has never been more easier or affordable.

Caregivers Gauteng working with Medical Aids

Looking to utilize our services but wanting the medical aid to pay, then look no further as Caregivers Gauteng are registered with the BHFS (South African Board of health Care Funders for all Medical aids) Our Medical Aid Practice No is: 088 000 0619876 and Medscheme practice No:0619876 and is used with all major medical aids, however the onus is on you to check what your benefits are with your medical aid and the plan that you are on as certain medical aids only cover certain conditions.

So next time you are requiring Home Nursing Care or Caregiving services then remember Caregivers Gauteng as we are here to make this process a hassle free one.

Caregivers Gauteng are specialists in the Home Nursing care sector and aim to provide professional and exceptional home based palliative care services in the Greater Gauteng region, focusing on Home Nursing in Pretoria and surrounds as well as the East Rand area and outskirts, West Rand Area and outskirts and the North of Johannesburg and South of Johannesburg, extensively covering Gauteng to assist all our customers on a day to day basis.

Affordable Home Nursing in Gauteng

We are committed to providing top class service with the cheapest rates in South Africa for Caregiving services, Home Nursing, Home Caring Services in Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA operating in all parts of Gauteng, From East Rand, West Rand, Pretoria In Johannesburg South Africa. All caregivers, care workers and all home nursing staff are registered with the department of health and social development as a caregiver. The general services that we offer are the following, Post Opp Care, frail care, dementia Care, Critically illness care, care for the disabled and old age care. Home Nursing making the sign on process easy and hassle free. Home Nursing in South Africa has never been more affordable, so just ask for a quote online and one of our friendy Home Nursing consultants from Caregivers Gauteng will be happy to assist. Apart from the rest Caregivers Gauteng offer the services of the following staff and can assist our clients with Trained Care Workers, Nurses, auxiliary Nurses, ENA Nurses and Qualified Nursing Sister who are all well experienced in what they do and come highly recommended insuring that you are getting the very best of care from your nursing agency. so the next time you are enquiring on caregiving or home nursing care in south Africa then make sure you make the right choice as we are the best at what we do.



Caregivers Gauteng South Africa specialise in the following: Home Nursing , Care Giving services in Johannesburg, home based caring services and any and all nursing caregiving services. our area of operation consists of the following areas, East Rand, West Rand, South Rand, North Rand and Pretoria, giving exceptional service and extremely affordable rates. however should you require a caregiver nurse anywhere in South Africa, Cape town or Durban Ext… we would be happy to assist, so please send us an enquiry and we will be in contact.
Should you require a care giver for Home Nursing services that’s more relevant to your life style meaning if your require a care giver to speak your home language or to fit in to your families way of operating we can also assist by making sure that we select the perfect caregiver for your needs making our home caring services the best in SA. So why not give us a try and get the best prices on the best home based caring and home nursing in Johannesburg Gauteng.

Added Benefits

Our Caregivers in sa Johannesburg Gauteng are also trained in various other fields of requirement such as providing home cleaning and cooking doing the relevant day to day chores required in order to maintain a stable house hold, another added benifit Caregivers Gauteng in SA offer you. Get the best Home nursing services in SA. Caregivers Gauteng in South Africa are not a broker and thus we service our customers with our own fully trained caregivers in Johannesburg South Africa.

Home caring – Live in care

Caregivers Gauteng give our customers and patients many options when selecting the best option for your needs.

We offer daily caring needs, that starts from 6 hours per day, to a full 12 hour day care and night shift care as well. One of our most popular and cheapest options to once again bennifit the needs of our customers would be a the 24/7 live in / stay in care. This option gives you the customer the piece of mind knowing that your loved ones are given the special treatment every hour of the day. This option requires the Qualified care worker to stay in with the patient 24 Hours of the day and gets relieved through the month with a alternative care worker at our costs for the duration of the month, this makes sure that our care workers are well rested and that your loved ones are being given the best treatment throughout the caring process. We are here to assist you with all your needs. Please enquire online for all prices or phone us on (010) 235 0016 and one of our friendly consultants will assist you with the best possible price