Chauffer Drive Service

Caregivers Gauteng also offer a chauffeur drive service for your loved ones should they need to go to the shop or to the doctor or if it just means that they would like to go visit friends. One of our consultants will come through to your area of residence collect the patient and drop them back off once they have completed what was required. This is an additional charged can be added to your bill.

This service will be structured according to the number of hours the consultant is required for and can be quoted as and when the service is required.

By utilizing Caregivers Gauteng chauffeur drive service when required makes it easier for the Caregiver to maintain a 100% concentration on the patient avoiding any mishaps that might take place and this means that the patient is looked after and is safe whilst being transported to the desired destination.

The convenience of this service means that you as the family member are not required to take off from your job to take your Family member to the Hospital or doctor ex…. Making this service a hassle free for all family members as once again Caregivers Gauteng are here to assist you in every way.